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Laura Webber and young law student Scotty Baldwin were the perfect young couple.
The teens faced many problems.
Scotty's father Lee had fallen off the wagon and resumed drinking , and Laura was on probation for her involvement in the death of David Hamilton.
Still most of Port Charles thought the twosome were ment to be together someday.
Student nurse Bobbie Spencer was also smitten with young Scotty and resented the fact that in her point of view Laura had everything handed to her on a silver platter.
While Bobbie had to work twice as hard as everyone else to overcome her backgound.
Bobbie was in constant fear that her background as a teen prostitute would come back to haunt her.
She was also determined to win the heart of Scotty Baldwin.
Even if she had to resort to a few underhanded tricks!


Bobbie did manage to bulid a "friendship" with Scotty.Lending a ear and her "bed" to "help" when Scotty and Laura had a sqabble.
However when Scotty told her that Laura was his only girlfriend.,Bobbie took matters into her own hands and called her older brother Luke.
He was to help her in a scheme to send Laura to reform school!
"That chick has been trouble for me for a long time".Help me get rid of her for good!

The plan was for Luke to "fix" Scotty's car when he and Laura were on a date.Then Laura wolud get home after curfew!
To help things along Bobbie made a reservation in Scotty"s name at the Lakeview Lodge,and called Laura's court appointed investigator to report the violation!

The plan worked! Laura was not sent to reform school, but her time with Scotty was cut down as the investigator paid "close" attention to Laura.

More schemes followed, including Bobbie pretending to be pregnant with Scotty's child!
Luke helped his sister with all of them but began to tire of the games as his new job at the Campus Disco took up most of his time.
After months of schemes,Luke finally met the cause of all the fuss.
It was love at first site for Luke. However Laura hardly noticed Luke when the two met at a Port Charles Coffee Shop.

After some resistance from their parents Scotty and Laura were married in the park one summer day and left on a honeymoon in California.
The young couple were happy..Little did they know it was to be short lived....


Married life was a bit of a shock for Laura. With Scotty either at school or work Laura was left at home most of the time .
Laura was alone and Bored!
Laura convinced Luke to give her a job at the Campus Disco. and the two quickly developed a comfortable friendship.
Luke felt he could confide in Laura his dreams of a better life for himself and his sister."My life and Bobbie's .It's like we 've alway's had to settle for second best---and i am sick of that"
Laura saw the good in Luke and would often remind him "You're a pretty special person,Luke Spencer. You never let anyone down ever!"


Luke's boss mobster Frank Smith began to apply more pressure to Luke about increasing his role in the orginization.
A "hit" was planned and Luke and his partner Roy DiLucca were to carry out the order.
Under the gun knowing that to do this was suicide and to fail would cause a end to his own life Luke became increasingly depressed.


Scotty Baldwin opened up a bill from a credit card company
Laura had exceeded their budget by $500.00
A terrible quarrel resulted
Laura left for work thinking her marriage was over.
Laura waited for Scotty to pick her up from work.And she waited ...and she waited.......

A drunken Luke entered the Bar and began to cry.

LAURA: Luke, how come you're crying?
LUKE: I wasn't crying.
LAURA : Yes you were. When you didn't know that I was here. Luke you've always been there for me. Why won't you treat me like that kind of a friend?
LUKE: I don't want you involved.
LAURA: Please Luke, I want to help you.
LUKE: You can't!
LAURA: Luke, I'm sure that whatever it is it can be worked out ... in time.
LUKE: Time is what I don't have.
LAURA: I don't understand.
LUKE : Within a month, I'll be dead.
LAURA: Your life isn't over.
LUKE: Don't you hear me? I said I was gonna be dead. KILLED, little lady. What's the matter? Can't you get that through your head? Now get outta here.
LAURA: Luke, I don't know what you're talking about.
LUKE: That's always been the trouble you know. You never could. And you didn't know. You've never known where I was coming from have you?
LAURA: I know... I know that you care about me.
LUKE : Damn it Laura, I'm in love with you.
LAURA: No... I don't think its really love, Luke.
LUKE:: Oh yes. Yes that's what it is and its like some kind of sickness, eating me up and I can't concentrate on anything and in my business that's dangerous, baby . You got me between two worlds that don't mix.
LAURA: I don't know what you're talking about. I think I'd better go...
LUKE : That's right. You can't understand it. Why can't you understand me, Laura? I know why! Because you have Scotty! Do you know what it does to me to know you're in his bed every night? Do you know that all I care about is holding you? I need you! All I do is dream about you. I dream about holding you in my arms and making love to you. Laura, YOU ARE MY LIFE!
LAURA : Now I know that you feel that your life is falling apart right now and I'm sorry but we can help you. Scotty and I are your friends.
LUKE : Don't!.... Don't say that ever again, OK? Look, I don't want to be your friend, Laura. I don't want to be your friend!
And I can't have you.
You don't belong in my world, I don't belong in yours.
Look what you've done to me!
I'm not gonna die without holding you in my arms just one time.

Dance with me Laura.
No Luke.
I said, dance with me........

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